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Try This_Sensing coverWhat am I discovering in my breathing?
The purpose of this exercise is to raise your awareness of sensation in your body. The focus is on the passage of breath through your nostrils – nothing more, nothing less. On the surface, this exercise is simple: you sit and you observe your breath over a short period of time. But it is important to actually feel your breathing. Is your mind concentrating only on sensation as it passes through? Are you noticing the detail of a change in temperature between the in-breath and the out-breath? Can you feel the reverberation of the breath in the different parts of the body – nose, throat, lungs, diaphragm and abdomen?



Try This_Belonging‘What is it like to be part of a group?’
The purpose of this exercise is to heighten your sensitivity to ‘belonging’ so you can better explore with children and young people the situations they are in that offer them resource or difficulty. The exercise helps you understand your sense of belonging by focusing on some of the different groups you have been part of in the past – and are part presently. It is likely that the clarity of your memory and the strength of feelings will be different as you consider your relationship with each group you are asked to consider.