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The ecl Global Community Conference

Welcome to our virtual  ecl Global Community Conference!

We are proud to be able to present the recordings of our May 2020 conference. Enjoy

[Day 1] Whole System, Whole Child:
The Foundations of ecl and Systemic Education

ecl and Systemic Education: What is ecl and Systemic Education? What impact does it have on students and learning communities? How has ecl grown from ecl UK to South Africa and around the world?
Jane James, Raymond Nettmann and Reggie Kodisang
The Orders of Love in Education: Belonging, Time, Place and Exchange: How do these four elements impact a child’s well-being – and what is our role as educators?
Janet Goldblatt
The Power of Visualization: New Tools for Working with Children, Parents and Educators: lli will demonstrate the use of a visualization practice for working with young people, drawing upon his experience with Hypno-Constellations.
Illi Adato
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Creating the Container. Holding Space for Emotional Well-being, Creativity and Learning: Supporting the well-being of the whole system begins with how we hold space as facilitators.
The ecl Global Team

[Day 2] Emotional Well-Being, Creativity and Learning:
Growing Systemic Education

The Influence of Our Own Systemic Position on our Children and Students: By gaining insight into how systems function, it becomes possible to align more with the flow.  Just by looking with systemic eyes, everything changes: a child can relax, there is peace in the class, there is cooperation in the team and you have more peace and space to perform your profession.
Bibi Schreuder-Stam
Adapting ecl Tools for Homeschooling – an Experiential Workshop: Learn to use ecl activities to support children’s well-being and creativity, adapted for homeschooling. Bring paper and drawing materials to the workshop.
Linda Baker
Finding the Narrative. Healing Stories for Children: Learn how to use constellation work and story to help children understand themselves and their needs.
Heleni Achilleos

Self-Organized Breakout Sessions.

Presentations by Conference Participants

One of the most valuable gifts of this gathering is the collective wisdom of our community. To support our connection and wisdom sharing, we are inviting participants to create SELF-ORGANIZED sessions. NOTE: Not all sessions were recorded.

Building Microschools to Change the Face of Education Globally: Want to use the pandemic closure of the big systems of educating children as an opportunity? We’ll discuss how to build a microschool in your community that meets kids needs AND is more crisis proof.
Mara Linaberger, EdD.
Learn to BE, not Taught to Fit: How can changing education become a cultural trend? How might we break the walls of campuses and turn the world into a boundless school? Explore these two questions with the experiences and visions from Asia’s biggest alternative education campaign: Za Share.
Ozzie Su & Adler Yang

[Day 3] The Future of Systemic Education

You’re One of Us: Systemic Insights from the Classroom: The Author of “You’re One of Us: Systemic Insights from the Classroom,” Marianne is a thought-leader in Systemic Education. She is an international teacher and speaker in this field.
Marianne Franke-Griksch, interviewed by Janet Goldblatt
Reconnecting Schools After Lockdown: To re-connect, our school leaders will need to sit courageously with the vulnerability of ‘not knowing’ but truly listen in to their communities, truly hear the said and sense into the unsaid.
Sharon Gray

Teaching and Learning in a Quantum Reality: Thought, information, knowledge, intelligence, learning: how we understand the very nature of teaching and learning becomes redefined through systemic education.
Read a blog about the Three Futures here.

Alison Fornés

Three Futures: What Next in Systemic Education: Not long ago, we could rely on certain conditions of the past and present to continue into the future. But today it is clear that we can no longer infer the future from the past. We will explore three futures through a systemic constellation exercise.
Constellation facilitated by Alison Fornés