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Thank you Mr Ingham


Thank you Mr. Ingham – a book for Terry from all of us We asked for your contributions and love and gratitude towards Terry poured back. Not just from those we originally asked, but from ever widening circles of people wishing to honour this man. We ran around trying to catch each drop whilst behind us Karl at ideasofthemind in Bath and Rasada in ecl Johannesburg quietly worked their magic transforming every contribution into a work of art that we could share.  The book is dedicated to everyone and everything that resourced this extraordinary man. In one story in this book you can read his answer to that very question: what supports you? ‘Family, Meditation and Manchester United’ being his instant reply. So to his wife Sue, his children Matt, Lily and Aidan and their loved ones, Sean and Sam, his beloved grand-children, Esme and Charlie, to his mum and his siblings (and with a mischievous smile) to Meditation and Manchester United  – we dedicate this book. It has been the container for an outpouring of love and appreciation. We hope that it becomes a living book, that it remains a book at the heart of the foundation, that we can add to, dip into and resource ourselves with.