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One of the pupils at the BNC asked Marybeth, the director of the programme, if she could have private time with me. The pupil has been attending ecl group activities for about a year.
We started the session with a little stilling exercise, followed by a short discussion around the theme and then did an ‘in my minds eye’ constellation.  When asked to imagine how the bully felt, the student was surprised to feel loneliness and insecurity, this led to a sweet heart connection and understanding of ’the other’.  We sat in silence for a while allowing the embodiment of her experience.  
As a homework exercise I suggested that in future, when tensions arose between her and her cousin, the perceived bully, she deeply inhale while placing her hand on her heart to remember the heart experience and then to follow this by a long exhale of the contracted feelings.
A few days later she shyly gave me the letter below: