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Tools & activities

Systemic LearningSystemic Tools
Working with teachers ecl have developed a number of innovative and versatile learning tools.  The classroom tools and activities associated with them enable teachers and support staff  to help children and young people see and explore their wholeness and interconnectedness.





PlacePeople copyPlace People
Wooden Place People are used to help children and young people explore and give better understanding of their relationships.  They can explore their belonging to groups and individuals and gain clarity to hidden dynamics pointing a way to resolution.





Feelings Thermometer copyFeelings Thermometer
The Feelings Thermometer encourages the class to explore emotions and develop a common language  to help children learn about their own and others feelings.  The Thermometer creates a snapshot of how they are as a group and that everyone can share increasing sensitivity to the needs of others and their sense of belonging in the class.




Group MobileGroup Mobile
The Group Mobile invites teachers and students to explore their interconnectedness and their sense of belonging to the class group. It provides a focus of understanding and resolving conflicts and challenges within the group, as well as celebrating moments of common achievement and harmony.