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Hand in Hand

The ecl co-creative approach has led to the development of a wide range of creative frameworks and practical tools. Each designed to enhance the practice of parents, teachers, leaders and policy makers as they strive to find fresh answers to the questions that challenge them about supporting children and young people to shape their futures.

Some examples are ecl trainings to skill teachers, leaders, care-givers and parents; the SparkCatching workshops for school leaders; equip, a school peer mentoring methodology; creAte, a powerful approach to coaching and BreathingSpace circles for parents.

In addition we can offer trainings or workshops on:



ecl take 2Take2
Take2 a systemic approach to holding difficult conversations and mediating conflict between individuals or organisation. Designed as a short training to develop and maintain the quality of contact, connection and communication when people are experiencing conflict, disagreements and disputes.






ecl dissolving

Dissolving Barriers to Learning
A process that brings together all stakeholders involved in supporting children who are disengaged from education.






ecl opening

Opening Space for inspiration
Designed for young people nearing adulthood, Opening Space for Inspiration offers participants time, encouragement and resources to begin to enfold a sense of their own purpose and what it is that inspires them so they can find the foundations on which they can live life and work as a creative adventure.





There are as many ways of working together with the foundation as there are educational contexts throughout the world. For example:

In the UK we work hand in hand with leaders and teachers coaching and training. One example of our work is with Netherfield Primary, a school situated in a community where 49% of its children live in poverty, where more than a quarter are on the special needs register and where close to 100% of its children enter school without any of the language and communication skills and capacities needed in order to begin to learn.

This is a school that by any measure could be expected to carry on the cycles of intergenerational poverty. Yet working with the ecl foundation has resulted in: A transformational journey from ‘special measures’ in 2009 to ‘outstanding’ in 2013 (as judged by Ofsted, the UK’s school inspectorate); A UK department of education report that states, “this is a new benchmark in education”; Children’s stories, “I say this with pride: I am a pupil at Netherfield Primary School.”; Teachers who describe their role as, “We empower the leaders of the next generation. We develop the skills of our future workforce. We activate the desire for life-long learning. We are privileged to be a part of the journey. We are members of the Netherfield team and there really is no place on earth we’d rather be.”; Parents accessing courses, building confidence, restoring self-belief and becoming equipped to step back into the world of work – breaking what is often generations of unemployment.; A father of a year 5 child accessed ‘Switch-On to reading’ and is now able to read with his son for the first time. The impact on his son, “My dad can read now”, said with the broadest smile in the world.; Local Shopkeepers engaged in the schools, ‘Integrity in the Community Awards’. Quoting from the department of education report, “The Integrity program is highly successful in encouraging students to take responsibility for their behavior and to think about positive ways in which others behave in their school too. This brings moral issues to student’s attention and contributes to their excellent spiritual, social, cultural and moral development”; Large numbers of student teachers from Nottingham Trent University with placements at the school wanting to learn how the school’s ethos and practice don’t just accelerate children’s progress but change whole communities.

In Namibia we work directly with children within the Bernhard Nordkamp Centre in Windhoek http://www.thebncnamibia.com. This centre serves over 130 of the most vulnerable children. ecl catalysts work directly with the children and with their parents in BreathingSpace circles. For teachers we have just begun running ecltrainings to equip them to take the practice into their classroom.  Contact Rowena for more information.

In South Africa we work with the Ruth First Trust to equip scholarship students coming from the townships to transition successfully to Jeppe High School. We chose to upskill peer mentors using equip, a school peer mentoring methodology. In Johannesburg we have developed an ecl training programme to introduce systemic principles to coaches of Rena le Lona click Rena le Lona video who are working with very vulnerable children. The impact of the learning on both staff and children was immense contact Janet for more information.

In the Netherlands we work with teacher training colleges to develop curriculum to skill young teachers. We work with teachers in schools to develop classroom practice and we are working in Rotterdam to build a centre that will be a resource to 3 schools in a very vulnerable area of the city. Contact Fionnuala for more information.