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Family constellations therapy, a therapeutic method developed by renowned psychotherapist Dr. Bert Hellinger, explores personal issues in relation to how an individual perceives and relates to the family and system they come from. It explains how individuals may carry a trauma which happened in a family many years ago and how that trauma may unconsciously affect them today.

In this session Janet and Raymond Nettmann will discuss how trauma, entanglement and disharmony within systems may effect parents and children. Our family may have experienced trauma many generations ago which we and our children are unconsciously aware of and express in our relationships. This is a phenomenon known as trans-generational trauma and is one of the great mysteries of the constellations practice. Janet and Raymond will discuss these concepts over Zoom with the opportunity for attendants to ask questions related to their own lives and relationships.

What People Have Said About Janet’s Constellations

“After taking part in a few constellations for others I decided to have my own. It’s truly amazing how the universe puts us all together with people for a reason. It was fascinating that Janet made the connection with my late grandmother who suffered terribly because of the loss of her family members due to the Holocaust. After battling chronic migraines (as my grandmother did) and fatigue and generally feeling unwell for a long time, I’m happy to say that I’m back to my old self and able to move forward. What’s amazing is that even just observing other’s constellations, it so often correlates to our own lives and issues. Another amazing thing that happened on the day of the constellation was another observer saw some of my art work and placed an order with me! One just never knows the synchronicities waiting to play out! Janet is one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing”. Gulnar Vaswani, Chief culture officer at Leadership Remagined.


2nd July 2020, 5 pm – 7 pm.

Cost: R380.00

You will get the Zoom room details after booking.

If you want to know more about Constellations you can visit my Family Constellations Therapy page or contact Janet.

Virtual Purpose Quest

Every leader needs a deep purpose to guide their actions and increase their impact. Purpose provides a source of energy and inspiration which allows us to sustain an appetite for discovery, co-creation and innovation.

Based on an ancient rite of passage, a Purpose Quest is usually a transformational experience for all involved. It is generated from a moment of individual breakthrough and has a quality, power, and resonance that puts it into a completely different league in comparison with other self-development processes. Many participants describe it as life-changing.

The Workshop Includes:

  • Interactive Zoom sessions where you will be able to ask me questions directly.
  • Homework assignments and exercises to be done on your own after sessions.
  • Zoom breakout room interactive group exercises.
  • 2 one-on-one sessions with Janet (or a qualified facilitator if the group is too big).

Dates & Times of Group Sessions
There is a session running currently – next session due in July 2020

Opening space copy

Opening Space for Inspiration
Designed for young people nearing adulthood, Opening Space for Inspiration offers participants time, encouragement and resources to begin to enfold a sense of their own purpose and what it is that inspires them so they can find the foundations on which they can live life and work as a creative adventure.

Take2 copyTake2
Take2 is a systemic approach to holding difficult conversations and mediating conflict between individuals or organisation. Designed as a short training to develop and maintain the quality of contact, connection and communication when people are experiencing conflict, disagreements and disputes.


Dissolving Barriers copyDissolving Barriers to Learning
Dissolving Barriers to Learning (DBL) is a new resource that can help families and schools to work together to understand difficulties that children and young people are facing that is causing disruption and disengagement to learning.  The workshop is a one day event with further discussion to create an action plan to help effect change.

Creative dialogue
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equip Peer Mentoring

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Enhancing Children’s Learning
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Breathing Space
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