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Authored books by ecl catalysts and associates.

Yor're One of Us‘You’re one of us’ was written be Marianne Franke Gricksch over a decade ago, yet it as fresh and relevant to everyone, everywhere in education as it was then. It opens with the words of the poet Rilke, “If you live the question, perhaps you’ll gradually without even noticing it, find yourself experiencing the answer some distant day.” I truly hope that the ecl foundation is becoming one of those living answers. The foundation is being set up as an international research and innovation charity dedicated to transforming the education and care of children and young people. Our research and practice over the past decade, building on the work of Marianne shows that it is possible to provide environments in which children and young people flourish, where emotional well-being, creativity and learning is attended to. And when this happens, joy in learning returns and children and young people gain access to their fullest human potential – a creative intelligence that is grounded in a love of life and a deep sense of belonging to the community of life.
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Adventurous SchoolJane Reed – The Adventurous School: Vision, community and curriculum for primary education in the twenty-first century
This is a topical study of innovative and original practice in three primary schools. The book portrays the ideas, practice and experience of three primary schools. It aims to illustrate how they have made their schools successful. After an introduction and a background chapter colleagues describe the vision for their school, how it has come about and how they are putting it into practice in adventurous and exciting ways. Secondly, they describe their local context, who they serve and how they have revisited their purpose as a result of getting to understand more about their local area and setting. Thirdly, they give a picture of how they conceptualise, plan and implement their curriculum and design adventurous learning. Their primary focus is to create real learning for life – life as it is now and also life in the future and a broader view of the learning experiences and skills children need to be citizens in the world as it will be in their adult lifetime. It looks at the ways in which the three schools have taken the power to make decisions about their school improvement priorities in ways that give their pupils a central and active rather than tokenistic role. It is about learning and leadership for everyone including the pupils. ‘The Adventurous School’ is characterised in the book as one that is creative and ingenious, develops a confident spirit and a hardy disposition, has a map and planned routes but is not rigid about the journey, is evolutionary, travels with others, takes risks, is questing, questioning and enquiring and is there for something more than itself.

Supporting ChildrenAnna Jacobs – Supporting children through grief and loss
A wealth of advice and helpful suggestions for those helping children through bereavement and loss. Children who experience loss through death or separation need support and understanding, both at home and at school. We often struggle to know what to say and how to provide this support. Staff in schools need to understand what to say and what to do, what might help and even what might not, and how to work with families. This book gives an overview of different behaviours you may encounter in school and how to respond, as well as discussing questions children may ask and how to answer them. Children’s understanding of death varies according to stage of development and the author provides guidance on age-appropriate, honest responses along with a toolkit of creative and arts activities to help children examine and understand their emotions, physical feelings and memories.

Supporting TeenagersAnna Jacobs – Supporting teenagers through grief and loss
Understand how adolescents experience loss and how to provide help and support. A wealth of helpful advice, worksheets and suggestions to support young people in their experience of loss in its many forms. Teenagers perceive and experience loss differently from younger children and need support and understanding at home and in school. This comprehensive resource: Explores how adolescents understand & respond to loss; Explains the needs of young people facing loss at different stages of grief; Provides guidance on monitoring if extra support is needed; Contains a toolkit of creative age-appropriate resources exploring feelings, behaviours, thoughts & memories; Gives clear guidance on what to say and how to respond to questions and behaviour; Is suitable for use in groups or with individuals; Can be used alongside the therapeutic story and workbook ‘Rory’s Story: An adolescent story of grief & loss’. Invaluable for teachers and school assistants and can also be used by social services and health professionals, parents and carers.