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Becoming a Catalyst

The role of the ecl Catalyst is crucial to the success of all ecl work. As the name catalyst suggests they work amongst and alongside clients and customers stimulating innovation and supporting change in organisational and personal practices.

Catalysts bring specific competences, which set them apart from mainstream consulting and research practitioners. With a focus on processes of discovery and design, they are able to mindfully garner the collective wisdom and creativity of groups and see and affect the human systems that impact on people’s ability to act.

Needless to say many Catalysts often have particular specialisms – classroom practitioners, leadership coaches, child or family therapists, designers and architects, strategists – and/or work in particular contexts – care settings, policy teams, schools, family groups, universities. Working together as a global community of practitioner/innovators enables them to leverage their diversity to build on insights, creating holistic interventions and resources that, each in their own way, are helping to transform education and care.

Much of our working together is supported by ‘on-line’ platforms and processes but our ambition is to augment these virtual relationships by forming a number of Hubs that ‘hold’ community giving greater opportunity for face to face contact in various countries around the world.

Becoming an ecl Catalyst is to enter into a reciprocal relationship. It enables the Catalyst to access a community of innovator/practitioners as well as a treasure trove of resources based on the cutting edge work we have done over the past ten years. In return they bring their insights and skills to co-create with clients, thought leaders, partners and other catalysts, sometimes on funded projects and sometimes in ‘trading’ relationships. To learn more about becoming an ecl Catalyst please contact [email protected]