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The Four Orders of Love: Place

The well-being of children is a crucial aspect of their growth and development, and it is important to recognise the significant role that people play in shaping this well-being. In ecl this role is defined as place - one of the 4 Orders of Love. Whether it's parents, caregivers, educators, or community members, each person has a unique place in a child's life and can impact their physical, emotional, and overall growth. So by honouring people's place in children's lives means acknowledging and valuing their contributions to a child's life. It means recognising that each person brings something unique to the table and has the potential to positively impact a child's development. When we honour people's place, we create a culture of support and collaboration that benefits everyone involved in the system.

Firstly, parents and caregivers are often the first place that should encourage a child's well-being. In an ideal scenario, they provide love, support, and guidance that help children feel safe and secure. When we honour parents and caregivers' place in children's upbringing, we recognise the importance of their role and provide them with the resources and support they need to be successful.

In addition, educators play a vital role in children's cognitive development. They are the ones who can provide a safe and nurturing environment that promotes learning and growth- both intellectually and socio-emotionally. They help children develop important skills, such as critical thinking and problem-solving, that will serve them well throughout their lives. When we honour educators' place in children's lives, we acknowledge the valuable work they do and provide them with the support they need to be more effective in that role. Often times educators lose their place and become substitute "parents" - leaving them with extra responsibilities and pressures.

Community members can provide children with positive role models, opportunities for learning and growth, and a sense of belonging (another order of love). When we honour their role, we recognize that they have a unique perspective and can contribute to the lives of children in meaningful ways. There is a popular saying that goes: "it takes a village to raise a child". This saying is not in vain but is rather a testament to the importance of their place.

By understanding that when each person in a child's surrounding has a different yet equally important role to play in a child's life we can create balance and can help alleviate many stressors that often create disharmony in a system. As a society, we must prioritise what is best for children and provide the resources and support necessary to ensure that they thrive.

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