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Our Philosophy

What does ecl believe and teach?

We know that a more inclusive approach is needed in education and we believe that an ecl approach can be of benefit to children, young people and their communities. It is our intention to enable the spread of practice to schools and communities, carried by skilled people passionate about the real meaning of great education, passionate about the possibility that education can release the creative intelligence of children and young people and passionate that in so doing we touch not just the children, but the whole community.

What are our values?

Generosity: At the heart of the eclfoundation model of exchange lies generosity. The foundation gives (funding, practice, training) so that catalysts and practitioners can bring this practice to schools and communities. In exchange we ask that practitioners share what happened in practice – in the form of stories, videos, cases and reflections, that you join a worldwide community that is sharing, enquiring into, sense-making and innovating together.

Truth and Compassion:  are the lived experience of constellations. They lie at the heart of most spiritual and philosophical practice – the ability to speak truth with compassion. They inform how we are as a community, how we behave towards ourselves and others.

Co-creation and Play: are so central to any work with children that they are often overlooked by the adult! The foundation encourages its catalysts and practitioners to become well skilled in ecl practice but then to mix it with their own practice – creating something fresh and authentic that is fit for purpose in own context. This is our approach with our people and with those with whom we work. After all – this is what we want to stimulate in the education system. This is what we want children to experience

Courage: ‘Come to the edge,’ he said. They said, ‘We are afraid.’ ‘Come to the edge,’ he said. And they came. And he pushed them … and they flew. Guillaume Appollinaire. It requires courage to do things differently, yet if we want change then courage is required.

What is our strategy?

The foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees, run by a global leadership team with regional Hubs in South Africa, the UK, The Netherlands and Namibia. We work with schools and communities to create learning environments in which children and young people can flourish. We gather research data, innovate new practice and share our findings freely through our website. We are building regional hubs across the world staffed by people skilled to take the practice into schools and communities. We intend to develop a web-based platform that can connect teachers, leaders, community workers, researchers allowing them to share, learn and innovate together.

The strategy of the foundation is held together across the global-regional-local units by the organisational backbone. At its heart is purpose which together with values forms the heartbeat of the foundation.

Our vision

We imagine that it is possible for every child and young person – regardless of race, gender or income – to live their dreams. For this to be possible we know that schools, teachers, families and communities need to have the confidence and know-how to support this. We want to play a part in making this happen, even in the most vulnerable communities. And we want to build a worldwide virtual community that enables educators around the world to share practice, be inspired and sense-make together.

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