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Peer Mentorship

Peer support for children & young adults

Many children and young adults find that they can relate to one another more than to a teacher or parent. They draw support and gain advice from each other.

The mentorship programme consists of peer as well as skilled mentorship. With Peer mentoring, older students offer support to younger students. A supportive space is created where youth/students can express themselves. The space consists of a series of small group conversations where resources, experiences and possible pathways to inspiration are introduced and explored. This is a space where students take charge of their studies. A space is created for them for personal development.

Peer Mentorship: What We Do

Ruth First Mentorship Programme

This peer mentorship programme is run at Jeppe Girls with the recipients of the Ruth First Scholarship established in 2010. Regular Saturday mentorship sessions are held during each year. It is facilitated by Raymond Nettmann, director of ecl South Africa, and Heaven Nen as the assistant facilitator. ecl uses the EQUIP Peer Mentorship tool to facilitate sessions for the programme.

EQUIP Peer Mentorship tool:

Mentoring is an important skill that can be used in many different parts of life. The EQUIP peer mentorship model was designed around building skills, supporting mentees, and gaining a greater understanding of relationships. The objective of this is to:

  • Engage in conversation

  • Question techniques

  • Developing clarity and understanding

  • Imagine outcomes

  • Learn how to plan

Read more about the scholarship here

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Melisizwe Computer Lab Project


The Project has provided fully functional computer labs to underprivileged schools so that learners can access Computer Application Technology (CAT) & IT as part of their curriculum. To date it has provided over 7000 learners access to a computer in the Gauteng, Eastern and Western Cape Provinces across Eleven (11) schools. Following the success of the Infrastructure development project, the use of the computer labs was extended to provide learners and unemployed youth with digital skills that will prepare them to take advantage of opportunities presented by the 4th Industrial Revolution. The programme was launched in February 2018 with 152 participants enrolled for Coding, Robotics and Media Classes in Gauteng and the Eastern Cape. 

ecl's Peer Mentorship Programme will enable the girls to have a community of support from mentors along their journey

Peer Mentorship: Welcome
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