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Becoming a Catalyst

Becoming an ecl Catalyst is to enter into a reciprocal relationship. It enables the Catalyst to access a global community of practitioners/innovators as well as a treasure trove of resources based on the cutting edge work we have done over the past ten years.

In return they bring their insights and skills to co-create holistic interventions and resources with schools, communities, leaders, carers, parents and other catalysts, which are then shared within the community.

Catalysts bring specific skills and competences from their own context and an understanding of how important the three aspects: emotional well-being, creativity and learning are in education and care. They have passion to transform education and care that stimulates creative intelligence that reaches beyond the school gates. With a focus on becoming skilled in ecl practice and taking those skills into their own contexts stimulating fresh thinking and practice that enables children, young people and communities to flourish.

To learn more about becoming an ecl Catalyst please contact [email protected]