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ecl invites you on a journey to find ways of helping children and young people to engage more fully in their education. Learning and being creative comes naturally to children but sadly all too often something happens to inhibit their engagement with life.

The answer is not simply a matter of doing things differently. Borrowing the words of Proust, The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.  The voyage in this case is guided by a new systemic creative lens and a powerful creative process. Together these encourage us to explore, experiment and innovate, ask challenging questions, find surprising answers and delight in sharing ideas across diverse cultures and education systems – all done as a community.

Whether you simply want to browse, try out some of our resources, become a catalyst for this work or enrich your practitioner skills you are most welcome.

Alternatively, you might like to donate your time, your skills, money, your social network or talk with us about collaborative research. Last but by no means least, if you are interested in becoming a sponsor or are considering granting us funding for our work – please contact us.


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