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Mother and Son

Parent Circles

A support circle for parents

We understand that parenting is a difficult process. Every parent is presented with an array of challenges, with no obvious solution. Children may be anxious, demotivated, rebellious and/or struggle learning. These challenges take a toll on the child and parent, and may compromise the child's opportunity to reach their potential. ecl believes that parents have the answers and solutions to these problems within themselves. Our goal is to help parents realise it.

Breathing Space is an experiential, interactive, learning circle designed for parents, guardians and caregivers who envision their children reaching their full potential and who wish to nurture the love of life within the family.

Together we will:

  • experience support and how to work creatively

  • increase our understanding of our family system

  • enhance our children's self-esteem and wellbeing

  • improve their readiness to learn

  • explore ways to support children dealing with bullying

    All are welcome to this circle, which embraces all cultures, philosophies and worldviews.

    In the learning circle we will:

  • gain insight into a creative, holistic, whole systems, approach that enables us to explore

    and understand our own and our children's behaviours and attitudes

  • deepen our learning and practice through ecl’s simple tools and exercises

  • share in a supportive community of like-minded parents keen to pioneer a new way to

    help children thrive at home and in school.

Parent Circles: What We Do
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