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Yor're One of UsSandi Hager ecl Associate in South Africa has signed the contract for world publication rights for the English Version of Marianne Franke Gricksch’s, “You are one of us” with a page dedicated to ecl.

‘You’re one of us’ was written be Marianne Franke Gricksch over a decade ago, yet it as fresh and relevant to everyone, everywhere in education as it was then. It opens with the words of the poet Rilke, “If you live the question, perhaps you’ll gradually without even noticing it, find yourself experiencing the answer some distant day.” I truly hope that the ecl foundation is becoming one of those living answers. The foundation is being set up as an international research and innovation charity dedicated to transforming the education and care of children and young people. Our research and practice over the past decade, building on the work of Marianne shows that it is possible to provide environments in which children and young people flourish, where emotional well-being, creativity and learning is attended to. And when this happens, joy in learning returns and children and young people gain access to their fullest human potential – a creative intelligence that is grounded in a love of life and a deep sense of belonging to the community of life.

To order a copy, please contact Sandi.