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The inaugural ecl foundation gathering took place between Monday June 23rd and Thursday June 26th at the fantastic venue, Holt Farm, Dark Lane, Witham Friary in Somerset. We came together around a purpose that had emerged during the design conversations involving the foundation leadership: Fionnuala, Terry, Chris, Janet and Rowena. This purpose recognized that the ecl foundation as a Charity was now entering a new phase with new people joining, others leaving, practice being refreshed, a new leadership forming, all set against the background of the imminent loss of a key founder and trustee, Terry and the grief and sadness that was to come. The overarching purpose spoke to this: to create a space to allow the forming of the worldwide ecl foundation community.

Participants (young and old) came from the 4 corners of the globe: Africa and Asia, America and Europe, many arriving tired after overnight flights or anxiously sending sms’s en route from Heathrow, ‘Hi Fi, what is the situation with sleeping arrangements, are we all sharing accommodation?!’ Amazingly and with much good will it all worked out.


We were blessed to have the doyen of systemic practice in education with us as our teacher, Marianne Franke Gricksch.