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Magic Moments

Our Magic moments

For most of us, not that we ever realised it at the time, our school days were some of the happiest times of our lives. Sure there were things we didn’t like or that went wrong for us – and these can often dominate the stories we tell – but there were also many positive things that happened, friends we made, subjects we studied and people who inspired us that helped to shape greatly who we are today.

This section is an invitation to remember some of those times that even now leave us with a smile and a warm glow. By writing a few short paragraphs we can share the essence of our magic moments and perhaps seed a little inspiration for others.

If you have a magic moment that you would like to share please contact Mia Perry.

Home from home
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July Story time
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Our Poems

Poems are a form of writing that captures the essence of a topic in ways that prose so often misses. They touch the reader at a soul level. Poems highlight emotion and tease out the implicit just enough for us to understand at a level of soul.

The focus of this part of the ecl library is on what it was like for us as children and young people growing up, engaging in learning and finding our way out into the world. Or also what our current experiences are as a parent, teacher, carer or educational leader guiding the next generation as the world changes at pace and in unpredictable ways around us.

If you would like to write and submit a poem that captures the poignancy of experiences past or present, please send them to Mia Perry. We will ask our designers to match them with a photograph and publish them on this website.


All Will Be Well, Fionnuala Herder-Wynne
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Morning Register, Val Culff
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Jigsaw Family, Val Culff
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3Haiku, Liz Sims
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Colour, Irina Miu
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