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Core concept papers


The nature of human systemsThe nature of human systems – Terry Ingham with Judith Hemming

‘How can a systemic perspective bring ease to families and groups?’

The starting place for working creatively with a systemic approach is to understand the nature of wholes, and how parts and wholes inter-relate. Conventional western thinking encourages us to focus on the parts, often in the form of people, concepts and events, as individual components, discrete entities separate in the world.



Types of feelingsTypes of feelings –  Judith Hemming and Terry Ingham

A fresh look at developing emotional intelligence.

In the last two decades the notion of emotional intelligence (EI) has made it’s way into the practices of adult and children’s development. The argument is developing cognitive intelligence alone is insufficient to be a healthy and productive person.



The Orders of Helping

The Orders of Helping –  Judith Hemming

How can we make appropriate and strengthening interventions?

ecl is about finding new approaches to improve how we develop and care for children and young people. Both are a form of ‘helping’ in ways that support wellbeing, learning and creativity. Helping and nurturing run through all ecl activity but what does ‘helping’ actually involve? How can helping strengthen the child – but also how can it weaken them?