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Case Stories

These are short reflections from parents and practitioners that capture some of the immediate thoughts and shifts they have experienced as a result of participating in an event or intervention. They offer glimpses of the type of change a new perspective has made to their lives – and where possible to the lives of their children.

This section contains a small but ever changing selection of stories from people who have come into contact with ecl activity.

Netherfield-UK-govNetherfield IQ
This is a UK Department of Education IQ report on the systemic approach of Netherfield Primary School






ofstedOfsted Report
“This is the UK schools inspectorate report on Netherfield Primary School which resulted in the status, ‘outstanding'”





CS_how can we cope coverSeeing the situation afresh – Jacqui Hindley
Jacqui a parent of a child on the autistic spectrum felt drained into isolation, looking for ways forward she attend an ecl Dissolving barriers to Learning workshop. She found insight in the process and by stepping back could breathe again.





Jacks BehavourJack’s Behaviour – Chris Charles
Chris as assistant SENCO uses her new found skills to look at Jack’s place in his family and how this is affecting his anger. She reflects on how the process she uses gets more to the root cause of Jacks anger rather than just deal with the symptom.





Hes one of usHe’s one of us – Janet Ayelsbury

After participating in the Enhancing Childrens Learning training Janet a senior teaching assistant began to bring new approaches to her work with the support of her Head teacher. The whole class looks at some of the challenges they face in learning with one of the group and develop strategies to help maintain calm.





Situation a freshSeeing the situation afresh – Monik Vervlet
Monik’s question was how could she resolve a long standing quarrel between three of her students and after being made aware of key systemic principles uses place people to work with the girls. Monik looks without judgement at their stories.





Sowing seedsOne year on – South Africa  –  Jane James
Jane looks back after her initial visit to South Africa and the response to the intial  ecl’s training of ‘whole child’ ‘whole system’ approach.






Creativity-&-ashtrayCreativity, two wine glasses and an ashtray: Kath Oram’s story of the founding of ecl – Jane James
Asked by former colleagues what she was up to. Kath began to explain that by far the most exciting thing that she was involved in was learning about an interesting technique called systemic constellations. They looked bemused but interested and she set about explaining…