Our ecl Team

ecl is a global foundation with a group of passionate facilitators with years of experience in developing and hosting parent, childrens and teacher programmes and trainings. Read about each one of them below.


South Africa


Reggie Kodisang


Reggie has emerged as a valuable contributor to the success of ecl South Africa. Due to her dedication and willingness to learn the ecl approach to education, she has already facilitated a number of ecl workshops for educators and parents. Reggie was elected Chairperson to the ecl South Africa Board in 2019. Reggie is qualified in Social Science, specialising in Marketing and Economics. She spent a major part of her career working in Global Companies earning her stripes in Marketing, Product Development, Strategy, Sales and Product Development. On leaving Corporate, she became an entrepreneur as a shareholder and director in a restaurant in Cape Town. It was during this period that she followed her desire to make a difference in education by offering her time and skills to various non-profit organizations helping to develop and implement fundraising campaigns.

United States of America


Aitabe Fornes

ecl Catalyst

A Family and Systemic Constellations Facilitator and Trainer, and a former New York City High School Teacher, Aitabe envisions a future in which the tools of the constellator, systems thinking + systems sensing, are central to the practice teaching. 

You can find Alison at expandedknowing.com

United Kingdom


Jane James

ecl Catalyst

Jane, a teacher, parent and grandparent, was involved in ecl from the start, working in schools with leaders and teachers developing the first tools and methodologies alongside Judith Hemming and Terry Ingham. She works as a systemic coach and facilitator.

You can find her on www.now-here.com



Fionnuala Herder-Wynne

ecl Trustee

Fionnuala is Irish, born in Ghana now living in the Netherlands with her Dutch husband and teenage son. She brings a wealth of life experience, passion and joy to building teams and organisations that release inherent creativity and that enable people to thrive. Appointed as Director innovation for a European SME she built within 3 years a Centre valued at €30 million by external investors; Asked to develop a business plan for a shared Knowledge Centre for a manufacturing sector she gained agreement (and a million € budget) from 27 companies within weeks; She was a co-founder of the Global Leader Academy and today she is Chief Executive of the ecl foundation.
She has lived and worked in Ireland, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands and has worked with organisations from Brazil to Japan, from Finland to South Africa. She has an unusual educational background that includes scientific research (doctorate Trinity College, Dublin) educational practice (senior researcher within the Faculty of Education University of Applied Science Arnhem and Nijmegen) and business. With more than twenty years of experience in roles such as director of research and innovation, she has led or been deeply involved with innovation and transformation processes.
In her quest to better understand and support such processes she has become a trained facilitator of organizational transformation (Barrett Values Centre), a certified energy reader and healer (Avorach Centre) and systemic catalyst (Nowhere foundation). She has contributed to the anthology, ‘Einstein’s Business: Engaging Soul, Excellence and Collective Intelligence in the Workplace Community’ and co-authored research articles such as, ‘Researching together: Learning about and with communities of knowledge and practice in primary education’ and ‘Making the invisible visible in the Education System using systemic research’ (2013). She is an active member of the Earth Charter, a ‘Woman of the Village’ of Felsőrákos in Rumania (where she taught English to children aged 4 to 16 and where she was married) and an active youth worker in her local community (co-organizing the Christmas musical for the last 10 years for children from 4 to 16).