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 Systemic Constellations

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Systemic constellations are a method of dealing with problems in human systems. Its purpose is to reveal the deeper forces that unknowingly influence our thoughts, behaviours, and emotional experiences across multiple generations.

Who is it for?

For Educators:

Currently, the education sector is faced with various learning demands and challenges. Through systemic constellations for educators, ecl will take you through a process of group work and discussions. We will map out challenges faced inside the classroom and the work environment systemically - by accessing somatic wisdom. Run in the form of focus groups, we will work on finding resolutions to these challenges.

For Families:

Family constellations have been known to be especially effective for issues that traditional therapy has failed to treat and issues related to family and relationships. In the sessions, the facilitator will help the individual explore family and systematic dynamics and help the client resolve any unhealthy or unbalanced relationships the individual has with the family or system. Even though Constellations are usually done in groups they can also be done for individuals.

For practitioners involved in children's wellbeing:

Those involved in other aspects of children's wellbeing will have the opportunity to approach their work more holistically. These include:

-Child psychologists/Therapists

-Social Workers

-Occupational Therapists

-Youth Workers etc

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ecl South Africa hosts in-person sessions for educators and families every two weeks on a Monday.  To see our next date and event, click here.

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