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A Bit About Us

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

ecl is a pioneering initiative dedicated to enhancing children's learning, creativity and happiness at home, in school , in universities and in the workplace. In fact wherever they need support.

We take a systemic approach to nurturing wellbeing, which involves seeing a person within a system of relationships, rather than simply as an isolated individual.

ecl‘s systemic approach draws on insights from the field of family systems theories, which show how patterns of loyalty and belonging are a key part of a child's experience as s/ he interacts with many different groups.

As such we focus on developing the whole child so that s/ he becomes capable of knowing the world not just through thinking, but also through feeling, sensing and intuiting.

We are a small, fast growing community of teachers, leaders, parents, academics, care professionals, coaches and consultants who are open minded, progressive in their thinking and have a passion for change. Practitioners and innovators are currently active in England, South Africa, Netherlands, the USA and Namibia.

Our focus is on the lives of children and young people – from birth through to their early twenties. These are the formative years where the quality of guidance creates a foundation and direction that serves them for the rest of their lives.

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