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"What can we do to release the inherent creativity and desire to learn in our children?"


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Systematic educators and practitioners who are passionate about giving parents, educators and others involved in education, the tools to understand their children and give them the ability to thrive.

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Our philosophy is simple. We believe that all children have an inherent creativity. We also believe parents and teachers have an inherent wisdom which allows them guide their children and bring out their child's highest potential. Through systemic and personal introspection parents and educators can tap into this knowledge and actualize it. We take parents and teachers through the process of this introspection with the means of specialized systematic techniques. The process is deeply profound for all those involved.


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We have a variety of programmes and trainings tailored to your need.

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I truly believe that the systemic approach in the classroom is very beneficial for the children.  It sets a very positive tone in the classroom, makes each individual aware of his or her personal feelings and reduces incidents of anger an conflict.  I am definitely getting a better understanding of the children’s needs and capabilities, and I look forward to continue exploring these using the systemic approach tools that I have been exposed to.

Ora Strauss

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