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Whether you have been searching for fresh ideas, or maybe looking for a community of like-minded others or whether you have simply stumbled across this website by chance – welcome to the beginning of a creative adventure guided by a question:


How can we release the inherent creativity and desire to learn of our children and young people – how can we help them flourish?

The ecl foundation is a charity registered with the UK Charity commission (1157259) whose purpose is to release the inherent creativity and desire to learn of children and young people around the world.

We imagine that it is possible for every child and young person to flourish, to live their dreams – regardless of race, gender or income. And we work hand in hand with teachers, leaders, parents and care-givers in schools and communities to enable them develop the know-how to create learning environments to do just this.

Our work is based on 2 principles: whole child and whole system, an understanding that education is about so much more than the cognitive and that a child is part of a wider system which includes her family, her community, her culture. The UK Department of Education (IQ report) has called the approach, ‘a new paradigm in education’. The foundation stimulates and supports research on the relationship between emotional well-being, creativity and the ability of children to learn (ecl the letters of our name) and we share our findings freely. This is what we are about: stimulating fresh thinking and practice that enables children, young people and communities to flourish and building a community of educators to share, enquire and innovate together – for the benefit of children and young people.

Welcome to the ecl community. We look forward to getting to know you, your school or community, your children and young people.

The ecl team.

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