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The story began in January 2002 when a group of educationists gathered in London to explore the possibility of a fresh approach to education, one which could create a climate for learning in our schools and classrooms, restore a joy in learning and release the inherent creativity of our children and young people. We were inspired by the recently published, ‘All Our Futures: Creativity, Culture and Education’ and united by a common concern that that in so many ways, even after unprecedented levels of funding, conventional approaches to education were not serving the needs of children. As head teachers, teachers, academics and parents, we could see children disengaging from learning as they moved through the education system. We recognized that our children hold the keys to a future that we could only begin to imagine and so we asked ourselves, how we as their teachers could equip them to love learning and live their lives as a creative adventure… Read more >

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Our Breakthrough Question:

How can we release the inherent creativity and desire to learn of our children and young people - and help them flourish in a future filled with so many unknowns?



"Creativity is one of the most contested and misunderstood concepts in the vocabulary. The term brings together many different qualities and ideas, often in tension with each other."

Seltzer and Bentley (1999)